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Ask me anything   I have been a fangirl of a great many things throughout my life. Often times, these things cross paths, resulting in major flailing. This is a blog dedicated to what I call my "fandom collisions." Current fandoms: Star Trek (every incarnation), Sherlock Holmes (every interpretation; most notably BBC's), Cabin Pressure, Chris Pine, Benedict Cumberbatch, Martin Freeman, Simon Pegg, Adrien Brody, Thirty Seconds to Mars, The Used. Other shit I like: plumeria flowers, the Eiffel Tower, toucans, anchors. Ultimate collision: I now work for Star Trek. :)

I am at an SDCC party and the whole cast of Teen Wolf is here and I legitimately feel guilty that I don’t care.

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I guess we’re stuck together.

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You know it’ll be good when the trailer hurts you like this. [X]

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Poorly Drawn Dinosaurs by Henrik Tomenius [website | twitter]

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Breathtaking views show the stars, Milky Way, airglow, and light pollution over New Zealand skies.

"Here are images I captured during last months from New Zealand. Great country to catch colors of airglow almost everywhere…" - Petr Horálek

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( From left to right, Granada!Watson, 2009!Watson, BBC!Watson)


( From left to right, Granada!Watson, 2009!Watson, BBC!Watson)

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